Check Your Own Website

Is your Small Business or Personal Website ···

  • Built by a friend of a friend who isn't available now?
  • Self built but you just don't have time to spend on it now?
  • Professionally designed but not supported for updates?
  • Professionally delivered with a Content Management System (CMS) but you are struggling to keep on top of updates?
  • Not working properly or the layout has altered following changes being made?
  • Needing an Audit to make sure all Links function and everything Displays Properly?

Typical Problems

  • Stretched or Distorted Photos, Pictures or Diagrams
  • Broken Links - not working or going to wrong place
  • Format / Layout problems
  • Out of date or missing downloadable objects; Newsletters, Product Lists, Menus etc
  • Pages loading slowly
  • Misspellings
  • Map links inaccurate
  • Text on Coloured Background difficult to read
  • Difficult to Navigate around site
  • Over Complicated pages
  • Unnecessary Flash or other Animation

Keeping Up To Date

  • Replace or Add Photos, Pictures or Diagrams
  • Add New or Update Existing Text
  • Update or Add downloadable objects; Newsletters, Product Lists, Menus etc.
  • Remove redundant or out of date content
  • Refresh Dates so that site appears currently active
  • Confirm Contact details; Location, Telephone Numbers, email addresses are current
  • Refresh Lists of Links, Contacts and FAQ
  • Refresh Appearance If Necessary - Fonts, Headings, Colours and Backgrounds


Websites should be able to be used by anyone and "Accessibility" is the term used to describe this. The following are some examples:

  • Are colours used able to be differentiated by Colour Blind Customers? e.g. Red and Green buttons for Stop and Go may not be identifiable or Red Text on a Green Background may not be able to be seen.
  • Do all Images (Pictures, Photos etc) show a Description when you hover over them so that Visually Impared customers' Screen Reader software can identify them? (This is known as "Alternate" text or ALT tags)
  • Do Fonts sizes and Contrast against background make text readable to most visitors?
  • Can customers read everything on pages without additional software tools or Add-ons on top of an Internet Browser?
  • Do all pages display well in most common Browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari?

Search Engine Optimisation (SOE)

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo like a good structure to follow within your site and pages.
There are many aspects to SOE but the following design elements should help.

  • Are Headings meaningful and well written? Search Engines use Headings to navigate the content in your site.
  • Are page and paragraph Headings just bold or coloured text? If they are not identified by Heading tags in the code, Search Engines don't know that they are headings.
  • Are Headings used in the correct sequence? e.g. Heading 2 should not be used within Heading 3.
  • Is your site using Tables to position everything? Modern sites use CSS and Div tags and though pages may look the same, table versions will not be favoured by Search Engines.