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Sometimes, Instructions and Help Desks are simply not helpful unless you speak "geek". I pride myself on making sure that my clients know what I am telling them, explaining in English and checking understanding.

Click on highlighted words below for more information or go direct to my Glossary and browse through explanations of some of the jargon.

Home Network


Broadband Setup

I can help you connect your Hub or Router to your Broadband and connect your PC's and other devices, Wired and Wireless, to your home network and the Internet.

Wi-Fi / Wireless Network

I can help you connect your PC's, Smart Phones, Pads etc. to your home Wi-Fi network.

Various Wireless Security options are available to prevent uninvited guests getting onto your network.

Home PC


PC Performance

Sometimes, poor performance is able to be improved by a little maintenance, clearing out unwanted files, reducing the number of programs running and ensuring system configuration settings are appropriate.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

If maintenance as above is not enough, performance can often be improved dramatically by increasing the amount of system memory or RAM.

I can Identify, Order and Fit Memory Upgrades for your Laptop and Desktop / Tower PC's

Virus Protection

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Sometimes, unfortunately, problems may be due to malicious software having got onto your PC. Whilst I do not offer Malware Removal services, I can check that you do have protection in place and make recommendations.

Ensuring Security Software including Anti-virus and Firewall is running and up to date is vital for your protection. There are several excellent free products available which I can install if necessary. It is also vital that Free updates are being applied promptly to many products including Windows, Office, Flash, Reader and Java as these often address security weaknesses.


If you are struggling or have something you would like to understand better, a home visit from me may help.

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