Summer 2014

Between Freelance jobs, I continue to invest time in voluntary roles which include IT coaching and web support. I also provide home visit services for network and PC issues but primarily on a word of mouth basis for ex-pupils and their friends.

Some travelling now beckons but, come September, I will be looking for new Freelance roles. Part-time or temporary. Happy to just do 1 or 2 days if you just need an extra hand on one job – just drop me a note via my Contact page.

Winter – Spring Highlights

Oct 13 – Apl 14: Freelance 2 days per week with an IT Support company providing remote Desktop Support and onsite network maintenance, PC installation and audit. Customer base was largely legal and accountancy but included other industry sectors. My service offering suited the business perfectly giving them bridging time to justify and recruit a further full time support engineer.

Dec 13 – Feb 14: I provided Web site design and development and IT resource to a Heritage Lottery funded community project capturing memories from older people for therapeutic and education uses.

Summer is Over

16th Sep 2013 - Summer has been full including travel but now September has arrived I am keen to pick up some business engagements. 2013 has been mostly small domestic whilst I catch up on other things.

Early September brought a Medical Practice relocation which included setting up a PC for 7 users and transferring all data. Some mentoring required as transitioned from WinXP & Office2000 to Win7 & Office2010.

Looking for Roles

29th Jan 2013 - New Year, New Roles required.

During 2012, I had a steady 3 days per week supporting 3 client organisations alongside other freelancers but, following the demise of 2 clients and contraction of the other, I will now be looking for oportunities.

Client Contraction

18th Nov 2013 - Last day on site at Preston as insufficient work available following company ownership changes and redundancies. During late October and November, Client A announced New Owners and layed off most staff, Client B call centre made massive redundancies and finally Client A vacated the building.


25th Oct 2012 - pfSense open source router/firewalls commissioned using redundant PC hardware to connect Infrastructure Network to new 100Mbps Internet connection. VLAN's, Firewall Rules and Static Routes applied to meet multiple building occupant secure separation requirements.

New Building Infrastructure Network Design

26th Jun 2012 - A major office relocation with one company taking on new 3 story premises with other floors likely to be sublet gave me the opportunity to design and install a resilient infrastructure network using managed switches and VLAN's to provide logical separation between businesses.

Freelance Experience

27th Oct 2011 - I have now been involved for 12 months with a solicitors business in Preston which has grown from approx 40 to 120 persons. Experienced gained includes Active Directory; Exchange Server; NEC PBX phone system; Network switch configuration; frequent PC rebuilds. I am frequently required 3 days per week.


14th Oct 2011 - assisting client who had purchased hosting and Wordpress theme. Though Wordpress is new to me I completed the install and am providing guidance as to how to maintain it.

Content Update

29th Sep 2011 - Osteopathic business with several websites. Created searches to identify pages with out of date prices. Data supplied to client and updates made on the one website I administer.

Client Website Relaunch

13th Aug 2011 - local business website had been let expire. Managed recovery and relaunch. Additionally, registered business with Google Places and created Facebook page.

Network Design

25th June 2011 - Presented re-design of network architecture introducing VLAN's and IP internal routing for business running out of IP addresses on it's single subnet following introduction of IP phones.

Excel VBA Client Database

25th May 2011 - Version 2.0 delivered and Datacleanse of over 1400 records. Included bulk correction of all caps input and identification of duplicate entries.

IT Support

20th Feb 2011 - The office moves below have led to me being retained by the IT Services provider for typically 2 days per week on-site IT Support Services to approx 90 workstations.

Client Office Move

4th Feb 2011 - another business relocation. Installation of Ethernet switches, Data and Voice patching, unpacking and setting up PC's, printers and phones. All PC's malware scanned and reconfigured for new domain working.

Website Refresh

2nd Feb 2011 - Content refresh including distancing from Home PC Maintenance and High end Contract work.

Excellence Award

30th Jan 2011 - Received an Excellence award for Voluntary Work on Community Radio station Website Content Management.

Home Tuition Customer

20th Dec 2010 - Though I have been providing tuition voluntarily via a Community Centre since May 2009, I have now taken on my first paying client.

Call Centre Setup

19th Nov 2010 - small business call-centre. Installation of Ethernet switches, Data and Voice patching. Configure 20 PC's and IP phones.

Client Office Move

2nd Nov 2010 - contracted to support a small business relocation. Spent the weekend unpacking and setting up PC's, printers and phones, patching to switches and configuring to new environment.

Excel VBA Client Database

16th Aug 2010 - Beta version of Excel VBA Client database package installed. This has been my first proper foray into excel vba which was chosen to utilise existing software and integrate with Word for mailmerge.

New Client Website Launched

12th Mar 2010 - Client website Designed, Coded and Launched for local plumbing business

New Home Computing and Network page Launched

16th Dec 2009 - Home Computing page re-written for Home Network and PC Support and including definitions of many Home Computing Terms.

Recent PC Solutions

14th Nov 2009 - Recent PC jobs have included:

  • Internet Explorer unable to open secure pages - .dll files registration fix located and applied
  • Failed DVD/CD R/W drive - parts replaced and tested
  • Microsoft Office programs missing from MS Office menu - start menu shortcuts restored
  • Performance improvement - changes to Virtual Memory and excess Temporary files removed
  • uPVC Doors demo application display problems - Adobe Flash update to latest version applied
  • Expired trial Anti-virus software - fully removed and new Free package installed
  • Firefox error; unable to locate proxy - connection settings revised
  • Cannot locate '@' sign on keyboard - language changed from US English to UK

Search Engines

8th Oct 2009 - Google, Bing(MSN) and Yahoo have crawled and indexed fizzeo and geddonovan. Woohoo, we are truly live.

Martin K Davies - Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

29th Sept 2009 - My first major website delivery goes live. Written to meet W3C recommended standards for XHTML with CSS layouts. Forms deployed using PHP.

Pure Radio Stockport - Volunteer Web Content Editor

10th Sept 2009 - I will be giving a few hours a week to helping maintain the content of the Pure 107.8 FM website. The main site uses Treeline CMS and the associated podcast site uses Podhawk.

Website Progress -

8th Sept 2009 - The IT Learning page is now complete. This joins the Home, Website Maintenance, Contract Work and Contact pages.

Bridgend Centre Bollington - Volunteer IT Coaching

8th Sept 2009 - Started with my fourth student in a line of coaching at the Bridgend Centre. First session with a gentleman who has purchased a laptop and broadband package but has no PC usage experience.
Spent a large part of this session advising on broadband connection including speaking to ISP on his behalf.