Website Work Portfolio

These are a sample of sites that I have produced or worked on.

All work to HTML, XHTML, CSS layout and W3C Accessibility recommendations unless stated.

Full Deliveries screenshot

Steve Mannion Gas Plumbing and Heating

Coded from scratch taking account of look and feel of the client's existing vehicle livery, stationery and business description.

Relaunched October 2011, the initial site went live March 2010. screenshot

Martin K Davies & Associates

Coded from scratch mimicking navigation look and feel of one of the client's other sites whilst expanding, delivering new graphics and improving quality throughout.

I contuinue to supply updates to this 65 page site which went live October 2009. screenshot

Ged Donovan IT, Freelance IT Technician

This web site. Designed and coded from scratch during September 2009.

Relaunched following a thorough refresh of content February 2013.

roadtrip screenshot

USA Roadtrip 2008

Personal web site designed and coded from scratch 2008-2009.

Coded using css layouts and validating to XHTML recommendations.

greatglenway screenshot

Great Glen Way walk 2006

Personal web site designed and coded from scratch 2006.

This site uses the now outdated tables for layout.

Content Editing

In a Volunteer Capacity, I implement Content updates on the following sites via existing CMS.

I edit and format text and image content and placement and presentation.

I have no control of overall page design of these sites.

Pure 107.8FM screenshot

Pure 107.8FM.

Cummunity Radio station for Stockport. Changes are made via the Treeline Content management System.